It’s the smart way to have all the tools you need!

If you’ve been in business a while, or you’re just starting out, Caterent can really help your business fly by enabling you to have all the food service equipment you need right now, without having to make a large capital outlay. Renting your Thomas Catering Equipment through Caterent means you avoid the potentially large up front cost of purchasing equipment outright.

Instead, that cost is spread over a 1,2,3,4 or 5 year term. From a business point of view, this makes perfect sense, because it leaves you freer to invest in other parts of your business. And because you’re renting your equipment, your monthly rental is tax deductible when used for business

With Caterent, you have access to the latest and greatest developments from Thomas Catering Equipment. When your business outgrows your current line-up of equipment – you can upgrade or add to it at any time.

6 reasons to rent with Caterent

  1. Have what you need – now!
    Caterent helps you to get on with your business by giving you an affordable option for choosing any equipment you need from the Thomas Catering Equipment range.
  2. Conserve your cash flow. Grow your business
    With Caterent, you don’t have to outlay a large sum of money to get what you need. By paying a monthly rental on your equipment, you can spread your costs and still have money in the bank to invest in other vital areas of your business.
  3. Upgrade whenever you like!
    As your business grows, your needs change, and sooner or later you’ll need to move up to bigger and better things. With Caterent, you’ll never be stuck with outdated equipment because you have the flexibility to upgrade to the latest model(s) at any time during the term of your rental period.
  4. Flexible agreements
    If you decide at the end of your rental period that you’re happy with your existing equipment, that’s OK too – we can just renew your rental agreement!
  5. Caterent with Thomas Catering Equipment’s renowned expertise
    As well as having access to our full range of equipment, a Caterent agreement with Thomas
    Catering Equipment gives you access to our industry knowledge and expertise, along with our very latest technological developments.
  6. Tax deductible
    If you are using your equipment solely for business purposes, your rental payments are tax
    deductible. See your accountant or tax advisor for personal tax advice.

Finance Options

Finance Lease
Thomas Catering Equipment offers a complete range of finance contracts with the term spread over 1,2,3,4 and 5 year term. All payments are fully tax deductible based on business usage.

Chattel Mortgage
Thomas Catering Equipment offers a Chattel Mortgage facility which is similar to a standard loan in most cases is used for new equipment. A Chattel mortgage allows you to purchase goods and achieve immediate ownership.

Commercial Hire Purchase
Thomas Catering Equipment offers a complete range of hire purchase facilities in all hire purchase contract goods are hired with a view to purchasing them.

3 easy ways to apply
Once you’ve decided which Thomas Catering Equipment you need:
• Your Caterent and Thomas Catering Equipment dealer can help you prepare your application.
• You can apply to Caterent directly over the phone by calling 1300 360 161

Alternatively, fill in an application form and fax it to 02 9817 0058. Application forms can be obtained from Thomas Catering Equipment.